September 1994 to present.

Network Administrator

    Building Technology Associates, Inc.,
    Oak Park, Mi.

      Installation and maintenance of Ethernet network backbone.
      Cisco Switches, Networth Hubs, Intel & 3Com network cards, utilizing
      TCP/IP & IPX over twisted pair & fiber, running at 10Mbps,
      100Mbps, and 1Gbps.

      Installation and maintenance of Sun servers, Dell servers, Dell
      workstations, Acer WinTerms, NEC & Compaq laptops.
      Initial hardware setup, OS installation, software application
      installation, inventory, hardware and software maintenance.

      Implementation of corporate data integrity and disaster recovery plan.
      Installation and configuration of RAID hardware, backup system
      hardware and software, and setup and execution of backup schedules
      and recovery strategy.

      Installation, administration and support for WAN, dial up, and Internet
      Cisco 2501(T1) and 3620(ISDN) Routers, Motorola and Paradyne T1
      and 56k DSU/CSUs. US Robotics ISDN Terminal Adapters, Equinox
      and Digi Modem Pools with US Robotics and Hayes Modems.

      Installation, administration and support of corporate Internet presence.
      DNS Servers, FTP Server, WWW Server, SQL Servers, and traffic

      Implementation and maintenance of network security.
      Unix, NT and NetWare security audits, firewall configuration, user
      access privileges, server and workstation virus protection and
      eradication, remote access controls, Internet access controls.

      Evaluation and recommendation of hardware and software products
      for use by the corporation.
      Cost benefit analysis, usability, procurement, and implementation

      Installation and maintenance of network printers, scanners, UPS’ and all
      other supporting hardware.
      Various HP printers utilizing Jet Direct print servers, Calcomp and HP
      E-size Plotters, Ricoh, Minolta, & Cannon networked printer-copiers.
      APC rack mountable SmartUPS’ and APC 8kVA Symmetra Power Array.

      Administration of company AT&T Merlin Legend PBX system.

      Installation and administration of corporate Voice Mail system.

August 1993 to August 2003.

Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician

    Wixom Fire Department, Wixom, Mi.

      Provide emergency care for the sick and injured, fire fighting.

      Fire Fighter 1 & 2
      Medical First Responder
      Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

November 1992-February 1994.

Student Engineer

    Oakland County Planning Department, Pontiac, Mi.
      Drafting of property description maps and large special purpose
      maps and charts, atlas construction for retail sale, inventory.


Bachelor of Science in Architecture

    Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Mi.
    May 1994
Architecture curriculum
    Oakland Community College, Oakland County, Mi.


Network Operating Systems:

    Sun Solaris 7 & 8, Novell NetWare 3.12 - 5.0, RedHat Linux 4.2 - 9.0,
    RedHat Enterprise Linux 2.1, Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51,
    4.0, & Terminal Server.
Network Applications and Utilities:
    Oracle 8i & 9i on Solaris and Linux, Apache 1.3 w/SSL & PHP on Solaris,
    Linux IPTABLES Firewall, ArcserveIT 6.6 for NetWare,
    Citrix WinFrame 1.6 & 1.7, Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 for NTTS,
    GroupWise 4.1 - 5.5 for NetWare, Callerga CallWare 5.4 for NetWare,
    MS SQL 6.5 for Windows NT.
Programming Languages:
    Java, UNIX Shell Script, HTML, Basic.
LAN & WAN Systems:
    Router, Switch, Hub, & DSU/CSU installation and configuration.
Computer Hardware:
    Custom PC and Server assembly, Computer Repair.
Desktop Operating Systems:
    Windows 3.1 - 98SE, Windows NT Workstation 3.51 & 4.0,
    Windows 2000 & XP, DOS 5 & 6,
    Mac OS 8.6, 9.1, & MAC OSX
Desktop Applications:
    AutoCAD 12 - 2002,  Word, Excel, Open Office,
    Word Perfect, PhotoShop 5, The GIMP, PageMaker 5,
    PowerPoint, Project, ArcView 2.1 & 3.0a,
    ArcCad 11.4 & 14, Visual FoxPro 3.


    Certified SCUBA Diver
    Amateur Astronomer