Over the next couple of months I worked on the engine. I found a 1989
chevy small block for $350. I wanted to go with a V8 but I didn't want
to replace the tansmission since it was in very good shape. The
Chevrolet motor alowed me to use the existing transmission since it had
the same bolt pattern as the Pontiac Iron Duke that was in the Jeep
when I bought it. The Iron Duke, SR4, Dana 300 combo had replaced an
original AMC 304, ?? , Quadra Trac combo that came with the CJ from the
factory. I don't know when that swap was done, however, it made
installing the Chevy an inexpensive job for me. Durring this period, I
also installed the gas tank and fuel lines as well as a new set of
Black Diamond shocks from Warn.

This picture shows the small block chevy, mated to the SR4 transmission.
The fuel tank and new fuel tank skid plate can also be seen.

This picture shows the engine and new motor mounts. I purchased the
mounts from Advanced Adapters, they were expensive at $150, but
they have worked well.

After 14 months at my inlaws, they purchased some new equipment that
they wanted to strore in their pole barn, so I packed up and moved
my base of operations to my parents house. This is were the rest of
the photos of my Jeep were taken.

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